About PRT

Professional Resources and Technologies (PRT) has been creating useful and unique resources for healthcare professionals since 1999. These products are not available from any other source. 

PRT publishes the Adult and Child Neurobehavioral History Questionnaires and the Neurobehavioral Signs and Symptoms checklists. These well regarded clinical intake questionnaires provide an organized method for collecting patient medical and psychosocial information. The Neurobehavioral Signs and Symptoms checklists organize patient concerns, provide severity ratings and help differentiate pre-existing problems from new problems. 

We also publish the Tens Test, a measure of sustained and selective auditory attention, and a new copy and scoring system for the Bicycle Drawing Test

The Illness Index set of questionnaires provide patient, family member and healthcare provider appraisals of the biopsychosocial impact of an illness or injury. These measures assess Health-Related Quality of Life (HR-QOL), also known as the “illness burden.” Perception of illness has been linked to problems with medical compliance, depression, morbidity and even mortality. Comparing the patient, family member and healthcare provider Illness Index scales generates valuable clinical hypotheses. The Illness Index questionnaires are ideal for:

  • Clinical work in patient-centered interdisciplinary settings
  • Pharmacological research to assess patient perception of HR-QOL in addition to medical benefits of the interventions
  • Use in policy research to assess variables beyond mortality and morbidity data
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