Neurobehavioral Signs & Symptoms

The Adult (ANSS) and Child Neurobehavioral Signs and Symptoms (CNSS) forms are eight page checklists that elicit patient or informant concerns about the patient’s cognitive and behavioral functioning. Both forms include a section on possible over-reporting by presenting implausible symptoms.

The forms

  • Provide ratings of severity for each area
  • Differentiate pre-existing problems from new problems
  • Organize presenting issues to ensure that important concerns are not overlooked
  • Focus the evaluation to help determine the validity and severity of the reported concerns

Daily Functioning  /  Executive Functions  /   Speech and Language   /  Nonverbal Skills   Memory   /   Attention and Self-Control   /   Motor   /   Sensory   /   Behavior and Mood

 Example of Adult Neurobehavioral Signs and Symptoms Section

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